Porsche 996 GT3 engine failure and gearbox repair Hennie

Porsche 996 GT3 engine damage and gearbox repair Hennie at Albert Motorsport

Scope of order for engine and gearbox:

  • Bring the engine and transmission from Norway to Oberhausen
  • View the engine and gearbox in disassembled condition and prepare a cost estimate
  • Consultation with the customer after a cost estimate
  • Comprehensive consultation lasting 5 hours
  • Create repair suggestions for engine and transmission overhaul
  • Performance increase for engine to 3.8 liters (KW - cam - connecting rod) etc.
  • Change of cylinder heads to newer variant
  • Shorten the gearbox to 8:32
  • Revision of the transmission with conversion to steel synchronizer rings

Scope of damage to engine:

  • The cylinder heads were replaced with incorrect ones by the previous repairer
  • Share and assembled completely unprofessionally
  • The valve heights when closed are outside
  • The cylinder head sealing surfaces and cannot be installed like this
  • The entire valve train needs to be replaced
  • The valve stems were cut off with a cutting tool

Extent of damage to the gearbox:

  • Gearbox - shaft - countershaft - shaft shaft for clutch holder defective
  • xxx

Engine repair history:

  • View the engine completely
  • New crankshaft bearings
  • Newly stored titanium connecting rods
  • Timing chains renewed
  • Chain guides renewed
  • Cylinder and piston renewed
  • Engine hull assembled
  • xxx

Transmission repair history:

  • Inspect all transmission parts
  • xxx