Porsche 997 - 991 GT3 Cup electronic oil level measurement Oil level indicator

dear all,

it's racing, long-distance or sprinting, the car comes into the pits.

You can read the oil level immediately without opening the engine cover!

Is there no oil or is the oil level still correct? While your competitors are still opening the engine cover, laboriously pulling out the oil dipstick, cleaning it and putting it back into the filler pipe so that you can then laboriously read the oil level, you have already changed the tires and are back on the track.

You have again saved valuable time with our digital oil level gauge, a modern digital instrument.

You read the oil level precisely and in passing. It couldn't be faster or better!

Installed on the rear side window, connected to the standard plug of your Porsche 997 GT3 Cup or 991 GT3 Cup, you can operate our oil level indicator. The item works plug and play in the same way as the Porsche original part, at a price of only 30% of the Porsche original part.

You can order the item HERE.

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Jurgen Albert

master mechanic