Our customers save themselves cheap repairs

Porsche 911 engines and repairing by Albert Motorsport

Dear all,

Do many people have their Porsche technology repaired by low-cost suppliers and shortly afterwards have problems again?

Why are they doing this and not going to specialist shops? The answer is: "Greed is cool"!

Is it stinginess, or is it ignorance to filter out the blatant differences in engine construction that shouldn't actually be there.

All customers should be able to assume that repairs are carried out in the master car workshop in accordance with the RAL goods guidelines.

This assumption is wrong. This is our experience. Often only what is absolutely necessary is carried out to get engines and gearboxes running again as cheaply as possible.

We have been preparing cost estimates for complex engine and transmission repairs for decades.

With more than 90% of those who do not get an order, the reason is: "You are too expensive, I can get it cheaper elsewhere"!

That is the reason why we have had mostly Porsche enthusiasts among our customers for many years who are interested in solid and durable repairs.

Our quality work based on solid repair concepts creates value retention and value improvement for a technology that can be used for many decades.

"Our customers save themselves cheap repairs to engines and transmissions,

We do the same, and only build in the best feasible technology.

We want them to be able to drive a Porsche for many years to come."

Best regards

Jürgen Albert

Albert Motorsport